Dear KSEA-SoCal Members:

It was my honor and privilege to serve you as the Chapter President of KSEA-SoCal for the past year. Looking back, the past year has been filled with unforgettable memories and valuable experiences that I would never forget. So I truly appreciate giving me this wonderful opportunity to serve you for a year.

Most of all, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to our dedicated volunteers and Executive Committee members. Without their help and support, the success of the Chapter would not be possible. Thank YOU all!!

In 2013-14, our SoCal chapter again showed strong healthy growth in numbers and quality. With almost 400 active, registered members during my term, we had several fun-filled, yet meaningful events such as Mentoring Workshop (about 80 members participated), Year-End Member Appreciation Party (with over 150 members and member’s family), South-Western Regional Conference (with over 150 participants), and National Math and Science Competition (over 230 students attended), etc. We also launched a new chapter website to better facilitate communication between our members and the community. As you might know, we have been preparing for a new one-on-one mentoring program which will start its first kick-off meeting in a few months with select mentors and mentees — so please be on a lookout for an email about the application if you are interested!

To be part of this wonderful chapter, please don’t forget to renew your KSEA membership at And to better support your chapter, please don’t forget to cast your vote on KSEA election days — your vote counts and makes our chapter voice stronger. 😉

Last but not least, I wish all the best for our new Chapter President, Mr. Jason Choi, and new President-Elect, Dr. Amy Chung for their successful year. Under their leadership, I’m pretty much sure that our chapter will advance to a bigger success next year.

Thank you all very much!

Best regards,

Jeho Park, Ph.D.
*Former* Chapter President of KSEA-SoCal